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The Buying Process

STEP 1. Do your budget and shop for a mortgage

Shopping for a mortgage is not necessarily fun nor sexy.  While you may be inclined to start visiting open houses and searching for your new home on Zillow, this can definitely lead to disappointment.  While shopping a bit is not a bad idea and can be tons of fun, be careful.  It is easy to fall in love with a particular neighborhood or a specific home to later be let down when you talk to your lender.


STEP 2. Contact Me

Let's face it, there are a lot of realtors out there.  Realtors are like Starbucks, you can find one on every corner.  What you want, is someone who will truly listen to your home desires and needs, someone who you can trust to be your advocate for such a major life purchase and someone who genuinely loves their work and is excited about helping you, and that's me.  I believe that purchasing real estate can be such a great life choice and a powerful financial tool for your family.  I am not into pressuring people into something that is not right for them, rather I hope to help you find what you are searching for and for you  to walk away feeling satisfied and happy with your purchase.


STEP 3. Make a list of Needs and Desires

Now this step can be a lot of fun.  Make a list of must-haves.  This might include a school district or the number of bath rooms you need.  Once you have your list of must-haves, then you can create a second list which includes things that would be nice to have.  Once we know your budget and we have this list, we can start looking for your dream home! 

I will create a list of properties that fit your criteria and we will go from there.


STEP 4. Keep an open mind

Finding the perfect home can be tricky.  Just think, the perfect home that fits all of the criteria on your lists, is in the right neighborhood and for the right price, may well exist, but there is also the element of timing.  Is that perfect home available on the market today?  In some respects it's like buying a wedding dress, sorry gentlemen but this is the best example I have. 


When you are looking for the perfect wedding dress you go in with a budget in mind and a decent idea of what style dress you want.  But inevitability most of us leave with something a little different.  If the dress is right, we might have budged a bit on our budget.  Or maybe that perfect dress was just out of our financial reach, so we compromised on the items in our desires list.  The bottom line is, keep and open mind.  Sometimes we end up with so much more them we ever dreamed.


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